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The Red Sea is an old waterway where Egyptian Stelae and Turkish shipwrecks reveal the rise and fall of empires. It is considered one of the best diving areas in the world and the stunning coral reefs in the southern extremes of the Red Sea. Around the numerous islands scattered along the coasts of Yemen offer some of the most abundant & varied marine life in the world. Attracting visitors from all over the globe keen to sample the superb diving, optional snorkeling and water skiing in the warm and clear water of the Red Sea. As well as sailing around a unique and spectacular landscape of volcanoes with multicolor lava flows is one of the best spots of the Yemen islands to combine best sailing with spectacular climbing, interesting snorkeling, swimming and unexplored emotional diving.


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A Fabulous mix of coral, wreck & night diving

There are plenty of coral reefs and diving trips to the Zubair and Hanish groups of islands and surrounding islands are especially popular. (See Map)

For the ultimate dive experience in the Red Sea, Katharina M is well designed superbly stable, fabulous boat can take up to 10 divers from 3 - 10 day liveabroad. Its navigational and desalination equipment makes it genuine long-range cruiser, with highly experienced crew and fine reputation.






Year of construction

Maintenance level

Last dry dock

10 pax

36.50 meter

7.15 meter

3.15 meter


Top level

Oct 2003

picture of Katharina M

Safety equipment

as required from Lloyd Register of shipping

Air compressors

Air condition System

Two electrical 150 lt. of air per minute at 250 Atn

Each cabin has its own A/C temperature controller.





Tenders BWA

Two for a total of 240 lt/hour

Volvo Penta 425 HP

Two (25 Kw 380/220v) + (20 Kw 220v)

1 Suit cabin (king size bed - 220 x 280)

2 Twin bedded cabins (200 x 90)

2 Double bed cabins (200 x 160)

One 550 mt powered by Yamaha 90 Hp engine

One 470 mt powered by Yamaha 40 Hp engine

Mini bar, VCR, cassette, CD stereo player, play station and other entertainment equipment are available on board

Dive the best of the most unique diver's paradise of worldwide renown on our liveaboard with daily dives, optional night dives and full board on this fabulous boat. We steam to new locations of your choice, this mean you will see every time something new, what a life!

Sailing with Katharina M. a very special event

A trip under sail with Katharina M. gives you the unique opportunity to combine sailing adventures with comfort. With the length of 36 m the ten passengers have enough to spread themselves over the deck and occasionally to find a corner for their own. The ship is completely built of wood grants a pleasant atmosphere through its planks of teak and furnishing in dark wood. The hull planked in teak over oak guaranties stability, a save trim, and a strong engine together with a large area a speedy progression.

For a reunion the large table in the parlor or on the poop deck is waiting. Here on the poop you will find also a sun deck and a large sun-sail. At night you may also enjoy the cozy bar in the parlor. The experienced master, who has been sailing for many years together with his crew will assure a safe and eventful trip and the cook, cares for the provision of food and drinks all day long.

picture of inside Katharina M

The splendors of the coast and deep blue sea invites to bathing, diving and water sports. As well as the beautiful volcanic islands, are suitable for trekking and enjoying wonderful views of the sea from the top.

To allow spending the day as eventful as possible there is a variety of sport articles on board, you may hire the motorboat propelled by a 90 HP engine for water-skiing. There is snorkel equipment for twelve persons on board. The cook will be pleased to serve you the one or other fish caught from the sea by yourselves for dinner (fishing rods are available). Or you just lie down on the comfortable sun deck and relax listening to the rush of the waves.

Everything has been provided for the safety on board. There is substantial navigation equipment (GPS, Fish-finder, VDO-wind measurement, radar), communication equipment (VHF) two life rafts and life jackets for everybody on board. And in case children need to be securely leashed this is no problem. Furthermore, you will be able to keep in touch with the world at anytime using our satellite onboard telephone. A 27-liter medical oxygen tank is also available onboard.

The cabins are generously equipped with wardrobes and bedside table having own bath with WC, washbasin and separate shower. Through our own seawater converter we are independent from the supply in the large water-tank. Each cabin is equipped with air-condition keeping its temperature well controlled. The generator (MG 25 kW) produces constantly 360V assuring that the electrical equipment and the 230V sockets are functioning at any time. The air-conditioned parlor is equipped with a large table for twelve persons, has a spacy bar and a seating corner in leather, a TV, a video recorder and stereo equipment are available and certainly you may bring you own music along.


Katharina M is planned to meet and satisfy all your needs. The boat will take you from Salif or Mokha to the diving sites and from there we will take you out to the reefs by the 2 powerful tenders (BWA) that follows your bubbles while you are diving. Once you surface the boat will pick you up immediately back to Katharina M. for a drink in the bar or relax with your friends on the sun deck.

07:30 – 09:30  Intercontinental breakfast

09:00 – 10:00  Steam to new location

10:00              Morning dive (first dive) - (Non-divers have the choice to swim, snorkel, enjoy the beach, fish or relax on sun bathing.)

13:00              Lunch

14:00              Sail from one site to the following

15:00              Afternoon dive (second dive)

17:00              Climbing on the volcanoes or enjoying the beach

19:00              Night dive (upon previous request)

20:30              Dinner, after dinner unforgettable stars watching or less romantic movie


  • Each dive will be according to PADI timetable.
  • Lunch and dinner menus are continental and those menus will be catered according to the boat's chef. All main ingredients are coming from Italy or ………… directly from the sea.
  • The above is a standard itinerary which will be adapted for all diving sites.


A: Zubair Group:

  • Quoin Rock
  • Low Island
  • Saba Island
  • Maha's Rock
  • Middle Reef                   
  • East rocks
  • Evans Rocks
  • North Zubair Coast
  • Zubair Wreck
  • Shark Shoal

The Zubair group of islands is located some 40 NM (Nautical miles) off the Northwest coasts of Yemen, in the Southern extremes of the Red Sea. They are comprised of over 10 isolated uninhabited volcanic islands and rock outcrops NNE to SSE over an area of over 75 square NM.

The black volcanic rocks of these dormant volcanoes rise dramatically out of the sea offering spectacular scenery and contrasting colors. Saba island anchorage is the main anchorage offering shelter from both N and S, the black crater open on one side is surrounded by idyllic white sand beaches, turquoise lagoon with resident flamingos and of course the fringing coral reefs teeming with aquatic life. This is a popular site for one of your volcano trekking

Some challenging diving is available on the shoals and small rock outcrops which are often some 5-10 meters under the surface and are only diveable in good weather conditions due to exposed location and strong currents. Quoin Rock in the N and Shark Shoal in the S are fantastic diving sites with great variety of coral and pelagic fish. Maha's rock will show you a large extension of anemones and a huge amount of mantas.

Low islands offer a unique opportunity to dive inside the submerged crescent of its volcanic crater. On the S of Zubair islands, are the remains of a wrecked freighter with its huge propellers and other twisted pieces of steel lying amongst the rocks.

However, in rougher weather only more sheltered dive sites as Saba, Zubair, low islands will be possible.

B: Kamaran Group:

  • Kadman Island
  • Tiqfash Island
  • Labwan
  • Six foot Rocks
  • Merlin Shoal
  • Uqban Island                  

The Southern Farasan Bank stretches South from Saudi Arabia into the northern waters of Yemeni Red Sea. These low lying sandy uninhabited islands, which include Mayun, Tiqfash, Kadman moving Southwards to Uqban and Kamaran are all within comfortable cruising of each other. Here you will find wonderful white sandy beaches where you can enjoy your time swimming and snorkeling.

All these islands and islets are surrounded with shallow fringing reefs with a wide variety of corals and associated fish and marine life. Many logoons offer ideal habitat for thriving green mangroves, some of the most diverse and important Eco-systems on this planet. These islands are famous through history for their sea turtle nesting grounds, which lay their eggs in the soft sandy beaches. Uqban is a beautiful natural anchorage with some isolated sandy bays to explore and a chance to meet some local fishermen.

Diving takes place on the fringing coral reefs of the islands, as well as the many shoals that exist in the area. Six-Foot Rocks offer diving on a rocky plateau with great schools of reef fishes. Large brightly colored lobsters are sometimes found and make a great addition to the menu! This area is little surveyed and offers plenty of exploratory diving.

C: Hanish Group:

  • High Island
  • Abu Ali Island
  • Shark Island
  • Tonque Island
  • North Hanish Sughra
  • Maha's Island
  • Haycook Island
  • Addar Ail Island
  • Peaky Island
  • Hanish Al-Kubra Cliff
  • South-west Rock
  • Maha's Reef
  • Cust Rock
  • Pin Rock
  • Hanish Suyul
  • Ship Rock
  • Three Foot Rock

Hanish group offers surely the most interesting variety of diving sites in the southern Red Sea. Opened for tourism only 2 years ago, Katharina M is the first & the only yacht operating continuously in this area

The rough, but at the same time wonderful multicolor volcanic landscape surrounded with white color sandy beaches and green or light blue water seems as a natural swimming pool & makes the visitor feel in a magic world.

While diving, you can choose so many different sites that make it possible to see practically everything existing in marine life:

  • Beautiful live coral mostly at Maha's island, Hanish Sughira, High Island and Abu Ali islands.
  • Sharks, big Barracudas and giant Groupers mostly at South-west Rock, Maha's Reef, Cust Rock, Pin Rock, Ship Rock and Three Foot Rock.
  • Lots of red Snappers and tasteful Lobsters as in Shark Island and Hanish Al Kubra Cliff.
  • Big Jaks and Tunna in incredible quantities as in Adder Ail Island.


  • The visits to the above mentioned diving sites depends always on the weather conditions and only the captain will be able to decide which diving sites will be visited and after consultation with the guests.
  • All dive sites are within two hours cruising of anchorage's.
  • Due to the topography of the cruising area there are no real great drop-of and wall diving.
  • Visibility can be less, around 15-20 meters depending on the season.
  • Cruising amongst uninhabited and isolated islands on the only boat operating in the area  - no other boats, no other divers!
  • For those non-divers they can spend their time in water skiing, snorkeling, Bird watching or enjoying the wonderful white sandy beach, exploring islands and climbing the volcanoes.

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