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Sana'a, Marib, Seyun, Aynat, Tarim, Shibam, Wadi Dhar, Thula, Kawkaban, Hababah & Shibam

8 Days / 7 Nights

Included in the tour:

  • 7 nights accommodation in hotels of your choice
  • Entrance fees
  • Multilingual escort throughout tour
  • Air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle throughout (4 pax per vehicle)


DAY 1 Wednesday: Arrival .

Arrive into the medieval city of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen considered to be the birthplace of Arab nationhood, at the airport you will be met and transferred to your hotel for a three-night stay.

DAY 2 Thursday: Sana'a

A full day exploration of Sana'a, including a visit to the National Museum, Haddah and the ancient quarter of this fascinating Arabian city with its intricately decorated mosques and unique multi-storyed houses.

DAY 3 Friday: Sana'a, Marib, Sana'a

Traveling east, for a full day journey to Marib, the legendary capital of the kingdom of Sheba. See the remains of the Temple of the Moon God (Awan Temple) and the Throne of Bilquis (Bar'a Temple). See also the surviving stonework of the famous dam on which the prosperity of the kingdom of Sheba depended for more than a thousand years and the ancient city of Marib.

DAY 4 Saturday: Sana'a, Seyun & Shibam

Fly to Seyun, the capital of Wadi Hadramaut where the mighty Sultan's palace dominates the town. On arrival you will be taken to your hotel for a two-night stay. You will have the opportunity to explore Seyun, the former capital of Kathiri Sultanate. See the 17th century Great Mosque, the Palace of Sultan Al-Kathiri built of clay & brick and decorated with gypsum. You can then wander around the traditional "Suq" with its handicrafts and home-ground produce. In the afternoon there will be an excursion to the "desert Manhattan" Shibam an awe inspiring town of ancient sky-scrapers soaring out of the desert which UNESCO has declared a protected world monument.

DAY 5 Sunday: Tarim & Aynat

Today there will be a full day excursion to the serenely peaceful village of Aynat known for its religious tombs and shrines. On the way you will pass through an area well known for its production of gypsum and will be able to watch the furnaces and workmen in action. On the way back, you will visit Tarim the capital of Kinda Kings. You will be taken around Al-Kaff Palace (Tarim Museum), Al-Muhdar Mosque & Bin Yahya Palace. Rest at the old summer Palace, which is now the Al-Qubba Palace hotel before returning to Seyun for overnight.

DAY 6 Monday: Seyun, Wadi Dhar & old Sana'a evening tour

In the morning fly back to Sana'a, a short drive to visit Dar Al-Hajjar, the summer palace of Imam Yahya, perched on the top of a rocky pinnacle at Wadi Dhar then transfer to your hotel for a two-night stay. At night, enjoy an evening tour in the old city of Sana'a.

DAY 7 Tuesday: Thula, Hababah, Shibam & Kawkaban

Heading northwest, you will visit Thula a fortress town with its original walls, a prime example of Arabs use of stone, as a building material is nearly intact. Continue to Hababah, one of the most attractive Yemeni stone villages before traveling through volcanic landscapes to Shibam, at the foot of the step wall of Jabel Kawkaban. Dating far back into antiquity Kawkaban is the upper town of Shibam and can be reached by a paved path which follows the flank of the cliff, at 3000m Kawkaban dominates the region. Shibam lower down is the former capital of the Yaffouride Dynasty (861 - 956 AD). Back to Sana'a for overnight.

DAY 8 Wednesday: Departure

Transfer to Sana'a airport and departure


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