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Sana'a, Amran, Sa'ada, Kohlan, Hajjah, Wadi Moor, Hodeidah, Beit Al-Faqih, Zabid, Khawkha, Taiz, Wadi Al-Dhabab, Jibla, Ibb, Marib, Ramlat Al-Sab'atayn (Empty Quarter), Al-Qtan, Shibam, Seyun, Tarim, Al-Hajarain, Wadi Douan, Mukalla, Manakha, Al- Hoteib & Al-Hajjarah

15 Days / 14 Nights

Included in the tour:

  • 14 nights accommodation in hotels of your choice
  • Entrance fees
  • Multilingual escort throughout tour
  • Air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle throughout (4 pax per vehicle)
  • Desert guide (Bedouin escort) Marib/desert/Seyun


DAY 1 Sunday: Arrival.

Arrive into the medieval city of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, considered to be the birthplace of Arab nationhood, at the airport you will be met and transferred to your hotel for a two-night stay.

DAY 2 Monday: Sana'a

A full day exploration of Sana'a, including a visit to the National Museum, Haddah and the ancient quarter of this fascinating Arabian city with its intricately decorated mosques and unique multi-storyed houses.

DAY 3 Tuesday: Amran & Sa'ada

Depart Sana'a for Sa'ada via the fortified village of Amran. Continue to Sa'ada for an overnight stay. In the afternoon explore Sa'ada, the ancient capital of Yemen under the Zaydi dynasty. See the fine Al-Hadi Mosque, considered one of the oldest & most beautiful in Yemen and Sa'ada Rampart which is still standing together with all its fortifications, towers and gates circling the city.

DAY 4 Wednesday: Kohlan & Hajjah

Depart Sa'ada for Hajjah via Kohlan, one of the most fortified ancient citadels in Yemen, see its foundations, fortifications and defensive tower cisterns. Continue on to Hajjah where we will stay overnight.

DAY 5 Thursday: Hajjah, Wadi Moor & Hodeidah

In the morning explore Hajjah City visit Al-Qahirah citadel, now a tourism place, which was during the rule of Imam Ahmed the ugliest prison. Depart Hajjah for Hodeidah via the Tihama coast. En route, see Wadi-Moor African style villages. Continue on to Hodeidah for an overnight stay.

DAY 6 Friday: Fish market, Beit Al-Faqih, Zabid, Khawkha & Taiz

Early morning tou will visit the traditional fish market at the southern part of the city then drive to visit the Friday traditional market of Beit Al-Faqih, which is considered one of the biggest and most important traditional markets in the country. Drive to visit Zabid, an important early Islamic center of learning, where algebra is said to have been invented. In Zabid, see the finely decorated old houses and the 10th century mosque. Drive to the Red Sea village of Khawkha & continue on to Taiz for a two-night stay.

DAY 7 Saturday: Taiz

Explore Taiz the medieval capital of Yemen under the Rasulid Dynasty. A short drive to Jabel Saber then visit the fine Ashraffiya Mosque with its twin minarets, the Muddhaffariya Mosque, and the old Palace of Imam Ahmed, (if opened) now a museum preserving his curious lifestyle. Walk through the old Suq, with its exotic wares.

DAY 8 Sunday: Taiz, Al-Dhabab market, Jibla, Ibb & Sana'a

In the morning visit the weekly market of Wadi Al-Dhabab then depart Taiz for Sana'a via Jibla, this picturesque village was the capital of Queen Arwa Bint Ahmed in the 11th century. Here you can see the great mosque with its column prayer hall, and the finely decorated tomb of the Queen. Drive to visit Ibb then continue on to Sana'a for an overnight stay.

DAY 9 Monday: Sana'a, Marib

Traveling east to Marib, the legendary capital of the kingdom of Sheba. See the remains of the Temple of the Moon God (Awan Temple) and the Throne of Bilquis (Bar'an Temple). See also the surviving stonework of the famous dam on which the prosperity of the kingdom of Sheba depended for more than a thousand years and the ancient city of Marib. Overnight in Marib.

DAY 10 Tuesday: The Desert (Empty Quarter), Al-Qtan & Seyun

Early morning depart Marib for Wadi Hadramaut, via Safer & Ramlat Al-Sab'atayn (accompanied by a desert guide), crossing the undulating deserts, known for its stark and uncluttered beauty, is one of the most exciting, interesting and imaginable trips. Continue on to Seyun for a two-night stay passing through Al-Qtan & Shibam.

DAY 11 Wednesday: Seyun, Tarim & Shibam.

Explore Seyun, the former capital of Kathiri Sultanate. You will see the 17th century Great Mosque, the Palace of Sultan Al-Kathiri built of clay & brick and decorated with gypsum. You can then wander around the traditional "Suq" with its handicrafts and home-ground produce. Depart Seyun and drive to visit Tarim the capital of Kinda Kings. You will be taken around Al-Kaff Palace (Tarim Museum), Al-Muhdar Mosque & Bin Yahya Palace. In the afternoon there will be an excursion to the "desert Manhattan" Shibam an awe inspiring town of ancient sky-scrapers soaring out of the desert which UNESCO has declared a protected world monument.

DAY 12 Thursday: Al-Hajarain, Wadi Douan & Mukalla

Early morning, depart Seyun for Mukalla via Wadi Douan, the most important and famous valley in Wadi Hadramaut. En route, visit Al-Hajarain, one of the most ancient & beautiful villages in this area. See the remarkable stone village, a top rocky slope of Wadi Hajarain. Continue on to Mukalla for an overnight stay.

DAY 13 Friday: Mukalla, Ghail Bawazir & fly to Sana'a

Explore Mukalla, the former capital of Quaiti Sultanate. See Husn Al-Ghuwayzi & Ma'in Palace which is currently Mukalla Museum. From Mukalla, depending on the departure flight schedule, you may take an optional tour to Ghail Bawazir. Fly back in the afternoon to Sana'a for a two-night stay.

DAY 14 Saturday: Sana'a, Manakha, Al-Hoteib, Al-Hajjarah, Sana'a

Traveling west, for a full day journey to Haraz region along Qa'a Bani Mudar where the best coffee plants are grown. Haraz region, an area of High Mountain ranges where villages and coffee plantations cling to steep slopes. Its capital Manakha, is a large market town full of narrow alleys, Suqs and attractive four-story houses. Drive on to visit the fortified medieval villages of Al-Hoteib then Al-Hajjarah, an old fortified village where houses are built directly onto rock, enjoy a traditional Bara'a dance with the locals before returning back to Sana'a.

DAY 15 Sunday: Wadi Dhar, free afternoon, farewell dinner & departure

In the morning you will visit Dar Al-Hajjar, the summer palace of Imam Yahya, perched on the top of a rocky pinnacle at Wadi Dhar. Afternoon free, spend your time at leisure, wondering in the old city or shopping before a farewell dinner in a traditional Yemeni restaurant. After dinner, transfer to Sana'a airport & departure


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